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Our Recycling House

Our goal? To make sustainable development desirable and fun!


Once again this year, the Beauregard campsite is continuing its project to reduce and recycle your waste!

A little recap of the 2021 season: last year, you were able to try out our flagship project: La Maison du Recyclage. At the campsite, you can forget about moral obligations! Sorting becomes natural and fun: a range of coloured bins accommodate your drinks cans and all your daily waste. A great opportunity to educate your children through play with signs and colours!


Household waste, glass, cardboard and packaging, metal, plastic bottles, batteries and even cork and plastic stoppers are collected and recycled by our local partners.


Did you know that compacting your plastic bottles not only reduces the volume of plastic waste but also reduces the number of times the truck has to come and pick it up?


Reducing the number of return trips automatically reduces the carbon footprint.


A green campsite! The money raised by the resale of the metal is donated to Sea Shepherd, an association that fights for the preservation of marine biodiversity. Solidarity counts: your plastic caps are upcycled by the Bouchons d'amour association, which finances equipment for people with disabilities. We give corks a second life by returning them to winegrowers with the help of the shop, Biocoop.


And what new things await you in 2022? The project is evolving this year with the introduction of transparent bags for greater transparency and personalised support for each camper in their sorting process.


The virtuous cycle continues! With biomechanical compost, new for 2022, your campsite recycles your waste, which will enrich the earth's biodiversity at the end of the cycle! (The worms are very grateful to you!)


The installation of a water fountain: no more buying packs of still and sparkling water in plastic bottles. Fill your bottles with pure water without microparticles and pay directly at the campsite fountain!


At Beauregard, get into the rhythm of nature with our fun and friendly initiatives!


People of all ages enjoy a shared moment that gives meaning to your holiday!


And your efforts are paying off!


As your efforts are always rewarded, you will be happy to learn that in 2021, the amount of household waste decreased threefold! And recycling has doubled!


In 2022, the team challenges you to repeat this success!


Great teamwork with all of our campers!


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